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Hello there and welcome to our adventure travel blog! 

I’m Lisa He, a Canadian woman in her twenties with a love for hiking and backpacking, gastronomy, and cultural experiences. I’ve lived in China, Germany, Canada, and Belgium, in that order. I’ve travelled to 18 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia. 

In 2016 I completed my undergraduate degree in geology. My university experience was stimulating and fascinating but over time I came to a slow realization that I wasn’t passionate about geology the same way my classmates were. Then oil prices dropped in Canada and continued to plummet which led to mass layoffs in the oil and gas (O & G) industry in Alberta the year before, up to, and even after I graduated. 

I decided to tuck my degree into my back pocket, work and save money to travel instead. I didn’t want to go back to school just yet for a second degree. I had enough of my studies for now. I wanted to experience more of the world before settling down. In 2017 I bid goodbye to Calgary and the beautiful Rocky Mountains next door, quit my job and moved to Belgium. 

About Unravel the map

My constant companion, co-curator and photographer, Jonas, is a flemish Belgian in his twenties. He grew up in a village near Antwerp, Belgium and studied graphic design in Antwerp. He has travelled to 13 countries throughout Europe. To try sometime new and looking for adventure he came to Canada in 2015 through the Working Holiday Programme. We met in 2016, formed a great connection, and decided we wanted to experience more adventures together. We are currently based in Belgium. At the moment we’ll be balancing work with slow travel and European gastronomy. Future plans involve Central Asia, East Asia and the Oceania region.

About Unravel the map

Why Unravel The Map

We have always been fascinated with maps, globes, and atlases. The permanent ink on paper that divides and separate different countries, states and provinces manifests physically as bridges, roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, concrete buildings, fences, lines drawn in the dirt or on pavement and more. 

Depending on the map, you can pinpoint where you are, where you’ve been, and where you can or want to go. To unravel a map is to open up a world of possibilities and therein lies the origin of its namesake.

Travel the World

On Unravel the Map you’ll find hiking, backpacking and road trip ideas from Canada, inspiration for your next European city break, experiences from various destinations around the world, dynamic photography, as well as useful travel tips and resources.

We hope to inspire a deeper appreciation of the beautiful world we live in and to motivate you to live the life you should-your own.

We hope that Unravel The Map will be a helpful resource with ideas,  inspiration, and advice for your personal journey!

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